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Industrial, Commercial, Specialized Rigging Services -

Plant & Machinery Moving Contractors and Rigging Contractor Services

R. Baker has performed numerous complex and highly technical industrial and pharmaceutical rigging, dismantling, equipment removal, and relocation projects throughout the USA, Canada and Puerto Rico. Most of these specialized rigging projects have been performed on active facilities and plants where safety and attention to nearby operations is paramount.

We have in-house master riggers, professional engineers, skilled rigging tradesmen and state of the art equipment to handle the most challenging rigging and machinery moving projects. All rigging projects are conducted with the highest regard to precision, schedule, cost effectiveness and strict safety standards.


* Industrial and Commercial Rigging
* Heavy Rigging of Equipment and Machinery
* Rigging of Delicate and Sensitive Pharmaceutical and Manufacturing Equipment
* Rigging and Dismantling of Equipment and Entire Process Lines


* Salvage and Removal of Equipment and Machinery
* Match Marking, Re-Installation and Millwrighting

We also have the ability to purchase your used, surplus or obsolete equipment.

We are a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) that operates throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico including New Jersey (NJ), Pennsylvania (PA), Delaware (DE), Massachussetts (MA), New York (NY) etc. Example rigging and machinery moving projects with descriptions and photos are provided below for your review.

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install two large lyophilizers
Complex Rigging in Pharmaceutical Plant - NJ

R. Baker & Son recently performed a rigging project to install two large lyophilizers on the second floor of a large pharmaceutical plant. Because some pieces were as large as 60,000 lbs., the floor had to be reinforced along the route in which the loads were to be rigged before work could begin.

A structural engineer helped the Baker team design the support system to shore up existing steel members and approved the final drawings, and the floor reinforcements were constructed.

Specs: Rigging Services, Structural Engineering

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laser equipmentrigging equipment in new jersey
Dismantling and Rigging, Plant Relocation Project - New Jersey

R. Baker & Son was recently contacted by a client for a plant relocation project that required kid gloves. The project included the dismantlement and rigging of a complex dual laser drilling system and all of its support equipment for shipment from northern New Jersey to Florida. The laser system and all of its delicate components were reviewed, cleaned, inspected and disassembled per the manufacturer's instruction. The equipment was match-marked and placed on six separate customized wooden pallets, vacuum shrink-wrapped with desiccant bags to keep the equipment dry, and crated. Crate #1 contained the dual laser drilling system with associated components that included tooling rings, a collection bin, and a cassette storage bin. The crate's inside dimensions measured 141" x 96" x 85" and it weighed in at approximately 8,200 lbs. A water chiller system was contained in crate #2 two, which measured 65" x 44" x 72" and weighed 850 lbs. Crate #3, weighing 1,000 lbs., consisted of two top safety enclosure covers and two fume evacuation systems. Crates 4, 5 and 6 contained miscellaneous process equipment including scales, pumps, compressors and various office equipment. The crates were carefully rigged onto a 53-ft enclosed Conestoga air-ride truck using a large TCM pneumatic heavy-duty fork lift for relocation to its southern destination.

Specs: Rigging, Dismantling, Plant Relocation

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rigging company, NJ, NY
Electrical Rigging and Controls Project - New Jersey Pharma

R. Baker & Son All Industrial Services was challenged with rigging setting and assembling major electrical equipment and control systems for a new pharmaceutical company. The project consisted of major electrical gear outside the building, and substations and controls inside the building in mechanical spaces.

The outside gear consisted of two large transformers and a 1-megawatt generator with housing. The area behind the building where the outside gear was to be installed was on a steep slope. BIM modeling was used to coordinate and install the large concrete pads that awaited the outside gear. The platforms required safety railings to prevent an accidental fall.

The outside equipment rigging was accessed from a road behind the building at the top of the hill. All of the equipment inside the building was brought in through a temporary loading dock area. The large double-ended substations and motor control centers came in many vertical sections that had to be assembled on-site. Many pre-assembled, factory-tested custom control cabinets, approximately 6 feet wide and 7 feet high, were shipped and rigged directly in place. Fourteen smaller control cabinets were installed throughout the facility as well.

The approved gear shop drawings were used to coordinate rigging and routing, as tolerances were extremely tight inside and out, there was not much room for error. Inside the building, R. Baker and Son worked very closely with electrical trades and manufacturers to ensure detailed assembly was done correctly. Many of the vendors were from overseas, so planning and timing were imperative. Komatsu BBX50 battery fork lifts were used to due to their compact size and large load capacity to help rig, set, and assemble intricate electrical gear. Small electrical heaters were installed in all of the gear to ward off any possible condensation issues.

R. Baker & Son worked with the electrical contractor, third-party commissioning agent, and vendors to verify all work was done to satisfaction.

Specs: Rigging, BIM

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Process Equipment, Rigging, NJMachinery Moving, Rigging Equipment
Rigging of Process Equipment - New Jersey

R. Baker & Son was challenged with a unique rigging project for a pharmaceutical client in northern New Jersey. The scope of work called for removal of numerous pieces of process equipment including milling machines, conical dryers, reactors, granulators, and HVAC equipment. The large size and weight of the machinery, installed when the building was erected, made the rigging project particularly challenging. R. Baker crews used plywood and dunnage to spread the heavy equipment load and protect grass, an irrigation system, and various underground utilities. Great care was taken to ensure that interior epoxy and poured floors were not damaged during the project as well. Several translucent fiberglass-and-aluminum structural panels were carefully removed to allow building access and set aside for reinstallation. A gantry as well as slings and chain hoists were used to rig equipment onto skates, and a ramp was constructed to elevate the equipment over a 4" perimeter curb at the egress point. A Manitou telehandler forklift was used to raise and lower the equipment, rigging hardware, and materials. Process and HVAC equipment was decommissioned and disconnected mechanically, electrically, and pneumatically. Once the equipment was removed, all piping, electrical and controls were safed-off and readied for incoming equipment to be installed. The old process equipment was then rigged from the building, documented, skidded, packaged with dessicant bags and sealed, and shipped to its final destination, and the exterior structural panels were carefully and properly reinstalled.

Specs: Rigging, HVAC, Cecommissioning

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Picture Industrial Rigging ProjectPicture Large section of Tower Dismantled and Rigged to Ground
Petrochemical Plant Rigging and Dismantling Project - New Jersey

R. Baker & Son All Industrial Services Completed a Large Industrial Rigging and Dismantling Project at an Active Petrochemical Plant. Total dismantling and demolition of a plant Unit within the active facility including the dismantling and industrial rigging of two 300-feet towers and a 160 ft x 16 ft diameter column.

The overall scope of work consisted of the total demolition of a Unit within the active facility. Specifically, R. Baker & Son was tasked with the dismantlement and selective demolition of two (2) - 300 foot towers, a 160 feet tall x 16 feet diameter column, heat exchangers, tanks, boilers, cooling tower, rail loading equipment and other vessels, pumps and associated piping and steel work. In addition, a large storage tank needed to have residual materials cleaned from the tank and then subsequent demolition of the tank. Finally, obsolete piping needed to be removed from surrounding active pipe racks.

Specs: Industrial Rigging, Dismantling, Heavy Rigging, Crane Services

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Rigging and Relocation of Large Brass PropellerR Baker & Son Provides Heavy Rigging Contractor Services
Relocation and Installation of Intrepid Propeller Display - New York

R. Baker and Son All Industrial Services, an expert rigging, demolition, machinery moving and equipment relocation contractor, recently completed the relocation of the USS Intrepid's propeller at the USS Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum in New York.

Under a previous contract, R. Baker & Son All Industrial Services (R. Baker & Son) had previously staged the propeller while a steel display frame was being fabricated. The propeller is solid brass, weighs 28,000 lbs and is 15 feet 6 inches from blade tip to blade tip.

This next phase of the project required R. Baker & Son to lift the propeller from a horizontal position into a vertical position and mount the propeller onto the frame. The frame then needed to be relocated to another part of the carrier for permanent display.

Specs: Rigging, Equipment Relocation, Heavy Equipment Moving

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Heavy Rigging Contractor Services by R. Baker and SonR Baker and Son Provides Heavy Rigging Contractor Services
USS Intrepid - New York City, NYC

R. Baker & Son performed the rigging and removal of fighter jets, helicopters and engines (for restoration) from the USS Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum. Careful planning, including critical lift plans for each pick, and coordination was necessary to make sure that each pick was done safely and without damage to the priceless items.

Specs: Rigging, Trucking

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Rigging  an Evaporator
Riigged a 90 ft. 90 000 lb Evaporator - New Jersey

R. Baker and Son rigged a 90 ft. 90 000 lb evaporator which wll be used to produce freeze dried coffee.

This project took one month to complete. R. Baker utilized a 600 ton crane which requires approximately a week for assembly and dismantlement.

Specs: Rigging

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Picture of Dismantled Frequency Changer From Power PlantPhoto Of Large Dismantled Machinery Being Rigged Out Of Power Pl
Power Plant Rigging and Dismantling Project - New York

Baker completed the removal of existing structures, equipment and machinery from a section of a power plant to make room for much needed expansion.

Specs: Rigging, Dismantling, Plant and Machinery Moving, Interior Demolition, Power Plant Decommisioning

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Historic Preservation ServicesHistoric Preservation and Rigging Services
Historic Preservation of Coast Defense - Ft. Hancock, Sandy Hook, New Jersey

R. Baker & Son All Industrial Services, a leader in the demolition, wrecking, dismantling and rigging industry, recently assisted the Army Ground Forces Association and the National Park Service with the restoration and preservation of Battery Gunnison/New Peck. This battery is located at Fort Hancock, which is situated at the Gateway National Recreation Area of Sandy Hook, New Jersey.

Specs: Historic Preservation
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