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All Industrial Services Inc. of New Jersey| 190 Boundary Rd, Marlboro, NJ 07746| 732-222-3553|         
190 Boundary Rd, Marlboro, NJ 07746 732-222-3553
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Pfizer Exebura

Interior Demolition, Environmental

R. Baker & Son performed the interior demolition, dismantling and environmental services for Pfizer's Exebura Insulin Process System in Kalamazoo, MI.

R. Baker & Son deployed project management and a health and safety coordinator 2 weeks prior to start of project to work with Pfizer personnel to develop site specific project requirements with regard to employee and personnel safety. The team also implemented a plan for construction barriers, traffic routes and security measures with Pfizer personnel. In addition, R. Baker & Son safed off the work area with the utilization of dust barrier and negative air system to abate the building.  

R. Baker & Son developed an enclosed ductwork cleaning system which brushed and vacuumed the interior, utilizing HEPA filter cleaning system. Upon completion of abatement and related environmental services, work began with the interior demolition and dismantleming of the 2nd floor utilizing elevator shaft for debris removal. Upon completion of 2nd floor interior, roof was dismantled to 2nd floor slab.  First floor interior was then removed followed by 2nd floor slab. Due to building occupancy, all work was performed between the hours of 3:30 pm to approximately 1:30 am 6 days a week. 


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