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All Industrial Services Inc. of New Jersey| 190 Boundary Rd, Marlboro, NJ 07746| 732-222-3553|         
190 Boundary Rd, Marlboro, NJ 07746 732-222-3553
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R. Baker & Son's Rigging Expertise Shines in Pharma Expansion

Rigging Equipment Contractor - Rigging lift in NYC

R. Baker & Son, an industrial tri-state contractor specializing in selective demolition and rigging services, showcased our exceptional skills during a challenging project at a high-tech manufacturing plant in northern New Jersey. The project involved transforming several buildings into a state-of-the-art pharmaceutical facility.

Initially, our team performed selective demolition and renovations, setting the stage for the installation of new process equipment. Recognizing the client's future expansion plans, space was strategically reserved within the facility for additional equipment.

When the time came for the planned expansion, R. Baker & Son was called upon to tackle the second phase of the project, which required meticulous planning and execution. Unlike the first phase, the facility was now a fully operational manufacturing plant, necessitating a detailed plan and schedule to minimize disruptions.

The rigging phase involved carefully maneuvering various pieces of equipment, including a massive 15,000-pound lyophilizer chamber, a large refrigeration skid, a condenser, multiple control panels, and prefabricated pipe and wire assemblies. Through a removable panel on the side of the structure, Baker's skilled team seamlessly rigged these components into the facility.

Meticulous measures were taken to protect floors along each route and shore up areas to bear the substantial live loads. In several areas, ceilings were removed and reinstalled to accommodate the equipment's dimensions.

After weeks of preparation and coordination, the project officially began on a Friday morning. By Sunday evening, an impressive feat had been accomplished – all equipment was installed with extreme precision, aligning perfectly with the factory's pre-fabricated piping. Ceilings were reinstalled, and floors were restored to their original condition, leaving no trace of the intricate rigging operation.

R. Baker's portion of the project was completed on schedule, allowing mechanical and electrical teams to seamlessly take over and make the necessary connections. The client was highly satisfied with Baker's exceptional performance, marking another successful project in their portfolio.

About R. Baker & Son All Industrial Services

R. Baker & Son All Industrial Services, a Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise (M/WBE), in business since 1935, is a premier specialized contractor operating in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico, with over one hundred employees and an exemplary safety record (we have been directly involved in six sites that received VPP OSHA Safety Awards). R. Baker & Son is financially strong, with bonding capabilities of over $20 million. Capabilities include industrial and commercial demolition, rigging, machinery- and plant-moving, dismantling, decommissioning, plant and equipment relocation, interior demolition, selective demolition, warehousing, wrecking and razing, millwright, plant reconfigurations, heavy rigging, salvage, environmental services, remediation, decontamination, abatement, and investment and asset recovery.

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